Google Tricks And Tips – 14th Edition, 2023

Google Tricks And Tips – 14th Edition, 2023

Overview: The Google team is full of surprises. Just when you think its gone and outdone itself, it rolls out another improvement that completely changes everything. The last biggest change was the logo, made with the Alphabet font it went from the old Times to a new and sleek look across the board. Now, however, Google has upped the ante, with its own mobile device, the Google Pixel, and the voice-controlled Google Home. The company that made the internet search what it is today has taken the OS it developed and produced its own hardware to go with it. Google Home will completely change how the user interacts with their gadgets and day-to-day tasks, making even the most tedious processes that little bit easier. Discover everything you need to know about what Google has to offer, from lifestyle tips to productivity tricks.


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