Winter 2023 Seiyuu of the Season Rankings

The Winter 2023 season has come to an in depth however earlier than utterly leaving it behind, we right here at Anime Corner performed one other seasonal ballot concerning voice actors and voice actresses. After nearly a month-long length of voting, the polls to find out probably the most fan-favorite seiyuu of Winter 2023 have now concluded and the outcomes are in. Accumulating over 24,000 votes amongst 68 nominees, listed here are the highest seiyuus of winter 2023.

Top 34 Female Seiyuu of the Season | Winter 2023 Ranking

Rank Title Votes
1st Manaka Iwami 8.44%
2nd Rie Takahashi 8.43%
third Rina Hidaka 6.59%
4th Yui Ishikawa 6.11%
fifth Sally Amaki 5.8%
sixth Sayaka Senbongi 4.83%
seventh Saori Hayami 4.76%
eighth Hina Kino 4.58%
ninth Sumire Uesaka 4.42%
tenth Akari Kito 3.84%
eleventh Kaede Hondo 3.25%
twelfth Ai Kakuma 3.24%
thirteenth Sora Amamiya 3.24%
14th Kana Hanazawa 2.7%
fifteenth Nao Toyama 2.52%
sixteenth Hina Yomiya 2.48%
seventeenth Marika Kono 2.31%
18th Yumiri Hanamori 2.23%
nineteenth Fairouz Ai 2.08%
twentieth Shino Shimoji 2.04%
twenty first Tomori Kusunoki 1.97%
twenty second Nene Hieda 1.8%
twenty third Kaori Ishihara 1.76%
twenty fourth Ruriko Noguchi 1.52%
twenty fifth Ayana Taketatsu 1.49%
twenty sixth Yuka Nukui 1.28%
twenty seventh Rika Nagae 1.25%
twenty eighth Saya Aizawa 1.25%
twenty ninth Tadokoro Azusa 0.97%
thirtieth Sakura Ando 0.77%
thirty first Yuki Takada 0.67%
thirty second Misaki Kuno 0.5%
thirty third Makoto Koichi 0.49%
thirty fourth Ayasa Ito 0.43%

Manaka Iwami ascended to the very best place together with her angelic voice as Mahiru Shiina in The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten and revolutionary efficiency as Euphyllia Magenta in The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady. This is the second time Iwami positioned first on our seasonal seiyuu polls after grabbing the highest spot in Spring 2021 as Tohru Honda. History continues to repeat itself as Rie Takahashi finds herself once more in second place solely behind by the slightest of margins. Regardless, she proved how well-rounded a voice actress she could be by voicing Tomo Aizawa in Tomo-chan Is a Girl! and Mythril Lid Pod in Sugar Apple Fairy Tale. In third place is none aside from her co-star in Tomo-chan Is a Girl!, Rina Hidaka, who managed to captivate everybody from begin to end as Misuzu Gundo.

Top 34 Male Seiyuu of the Season | Winter 2023 Ranking

Rank Title Votes
1st Yoshitsugu Matsuoka 6.11%
2nd Taito Ban 6.07%
third Kaito Ishikawa 5.82%
4th Mamoru Miyano 5.42%
fifth Koki Uchiyama 5.21%
sixth Chiaki Kobayashi 5.17%
seventh Yuichiro Umehara 5.06%
eighth Toshiyuki Toyonaga 4.75%
ninth Natsuki Hanae 4.49%
tenth Yuto Uemura 4.02%
eleventh Daiki Yamashita 3.56%
twelfth Sugita Tomokazu 3.4%
thirteenth Yuma Uchida 3.12%
14th Satoshi Hino 2.96%
fifteenth Shin Yuki 2.79%
sixteenth Atsushi Abe 2.67%
seventeenth Shogo Sakata 2.62%
18th Junya Enoki 2.55%
nineteenth Masaaki Mizunaka 2.39%
twentieth Toshiyuki Morikawa 2.12%
twenty first Yoshimasa Hosoya 2.12%
twenty second Ryohei Kimura 2.07%
twenty third Shunsuke Takeuchi 1.89%
twenty fourth Yusuke Kobayashi 1.89%
twenty fifth Hiro Shimono 1.69%
twenty sixth Jun Fukuyama 1.61%
twenty seventh Yuichi Nakamura 1.61%
twenty eighth Shuichiro Umeda 1.26%
twenty ninth Gen Sato 1.23%
thirtieth Makoto Furukawa 1.08%
thirty first Katsuyuki Konishi 0.97%
thirty second Jun Kasama 0.96%
thirty third Takeo Otsuka 0.94%
thirty fourth Shoya Ishige 0.37%

After putting second place in Summer 2021 and 2022 polls, in the end, the harem king will get to lastly sit on his rightful throne. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka was voted the very best seiyuu this season after his impeccable performances as Vash from Vash the Stampede in Trigun Stampede and Bell Cranel in Danmachi IV Part 2. That’s not all, he was additionally a part of 7 different anime sequence this season. Following him in second place we now have Taito Ban who performed the spoiled Amane Fujimiya in The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten. His calm and funky collected voice matches the chad power of Fujimiya and that’s the reason he took second place. Meanwhile, Kaito Ishikawa secured the third spot together with his loud but superb performances as Junichiro Kubota in Tomo-chan Is a Girl! and Aoto Endo in Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte.

Winter 2023 – A Great Start To a New Year

It’s solely the primary season of the 12 months and but we already noticed loads of fantastic and soulful performances from these proficient voice actors and actresses. With spring already exhibiting a variety of promising sequence crammed with nice solid lineups, who is aware of what else the 12 months has in retailer for us? For now, we wish to thank everybody for voting and supporting our seasonal polls. We stay up for seeing you this spring season!

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