Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart is an attention-grabbing story [Review]

What would you do if the particular person you liked killed you? Pic credit score: Syundei

When we hear reincarnation, love, and homicide, we usually think about a romantic story with darkish components. But Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart is one manga that can confuse and entrap you.

Especially when you’ve completed studying and appeared on the cowl once more, who’s the true villain of this story? And how does one outline “everlasting love?”

Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart The expression, “like a moth to the flame,” has by no means been extra applicable. But who’s the moth? Pic credit score: Syundei

What is Total Eclipse of the Eternal Mind?

Before I am going over the plot, this manga is rated mature and comes sure in plastic in shops. Do not proceed studying should you’re simply offended.

There are a number of scenes of homicide and sexual acts, however most of it’s closely implied. As for the plot itself, Hoshino Terumichi suffers from a recurring nightmare.

He desires he’s a boy residing a century in the past and is killed by the person he loves. A person known as Sensei.

Who bears a robust resemblance to considered one of his classmates, Yamada Omihiko. But simply as Hoshino reveals his emotions for Yamada, an unknown teenager kills Yamada in entrance of Hoshino!

Or at the least, that’s what Hoshino thinks till he sees Yamada get up and stroll away. Hoshino is confused, however when a chance to go to Yamada’s home comes up, he goes along with his classmate, Tani, to offer Yamada his homework.

But Tani begins performing unusual, and it isn’t lengthy earlier than he kills Yamada. Hoshino is terrified by the change in his pal however much more so on the modifications in himself.

Because Yamada is alive once more, Hoshino realizes why he’s been having these desires. But can he overcome them, and what about his love for Yamada?

You at all times harm those you like

Although everlasting love seems to be one of many themes, it takes on a jagged edge with Sensei. In life, he was Onitaji Kuroiwa, and he was an creator.

He wrote many books based mostly on the boys he cherished and killed after they stated they cherished him—the excuse he gave to Hoshino’s previous life, Shou Tsukimura. Was that he may make their love for him everlasting upon their deaths.

And sadly, Yamada seems to have comparable tendencies, regardless of dying twice within the guide. But Hoshino is the final reincarnated sufferer.

Does he have the facility to finish the cycle, or will he be reincarnated with Yamada and the opposite boys? The pacing typically feels rushed, and it might profit from a sequel or spinoff.

But should you like your boy’s like to be a bit darker with out crossing into express, Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart received’t disappoint you.

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