Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 9 (Bleach 374) options epic struggle of Kenpachi Zaraki vs Captain Unohana [Review]

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 9 screenshot, that includes Kenpachi Zaraki VS Captain Unohana. Pic credit score: Studio Pierrot

On December 5, 2022, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 9 aired.

The episode targeted on Ichigo and Renji’s path to therapeutic, and an epic struggle between Captain Unohana and Kenpachi Zaraki.

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Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 9 begins with Shunsui Jiro Sakuranoske Kyoraku informing Nanao that he’s been promoted to Head Captain (Captain-Commander). Then we see our first glimpse of the new springs palace Kirindin the place Ichigo and his associates are being healed.

In the manga, they confirmed Byakuya being thrown from one pool to the opposite and it was a bit disappointing that that humorous second was unnoticed. Another humorous second was whereas Ichigo was soaking within the sizzling spring he noticed Rukia floating by.

Bleach manga page.Bleach manga web page. Pic credit score: Viz Media

And Tenjiro teased Ichigo if he noticed a “peach”. In different phrases, Tenjiro was asking if Ichigo was secretly ogling Rukia’s behind! (He completely was.)

It’s attention-grabbing to notice that Ichigo was in a position to reflexively break Lighting Fast Tenjiro’s fist.

Next, we be taught that Kyoraku intends to have Kenpachi Zaraki prepare and be taught “Zanjutsu” since they’re missing in energy in the meanwhile. He intends to have Zaraki struggle towards Captain Unohana.

Later, on the subsequent palace referred to as Gatonden, we see Kirio cooking up a feast for Ichigo and Renji. It’s humorous how within the anime they didn’t clarify why Kon is ready to turn into monumental now and unnoticed a scene the place Ichigo was visibly stunned by this transformation.

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Fan art of Kirio's Fan artwork of Kirio’s “skinny model”. Pic credit score: @rakusakugk/Twitter

Among the meals that Kirio cooked for Ichigo and Renji have been surprisingly American-looking hamburgers! One wonders if that is because of the truth Studio Pierrot is aware of Bleach has a big American viewers.

Ichigo and Renji’s response to seeing Kirio get skinny after she used up all of her non secular strain to prepare dinner them particular meals was hilarious. Kirio’s nickname is “Grain King”, however it ought to actually be “Grain Queen”. Kirio is the one who developed “synthetic souls”.

Kirio reveals that the following palace they are going to be going to id the Hoohden, the place the creator of Zanpakutos, Oh-Etsu Nimaiya resides. Will Ichigo and Renji lastly be capable of restore/restore their Zanpakutos?

Kenpachi Zaraki VS Captain Unohana awed followers

At the tip of the episode, we get an amazingly performed battle between Kenpachi Zaraki and Captain Unohana. It can also be revealed that it was Kenpachi Zaraki who gave her that scar on her chest years in the past throughout their very first encounter. There was a lot foreshadowing that Unohana was the primary “Kenpachi” and our suspicions have been lastly confirmed on this episode.

Kenpachi Zaraki wasn’t hallucinating when he thought Unohana killed him. She did in truth kill him however used her powers to carry him again to life. Unohana plans to “kill” Kenpachi Zaraki many times, and rebuild him till he will get stronger. Zaraki put a wierd “limiter” on himself that he’ll solely develop after every near-death expertise. Unohana’s plan is to provide Zaraki as many near-death experiences because it takes till his energy lastly surpasses hers.

Are you trying ahead to seeing the conclusion of Zaraki and Unohana’s struggle? Do you suppose Zaraki will lastly obtain Bankai? Let us know within the remark part under!

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