The Gorosei are making a transfer

One of the Five Elder Stars, Saint Jay Garcia Saturn revealed in One Piece Chapter 1073. Pic credit score: Toei Animation

One Piece manga Chapter 1073, titled “Miss Buckingham Stussy,” is unofficially out. For those that wish to look ahead to the official translation, the chapter will drop on Sunday as standard.

One Piece 1073 continues the “Germa 66’s Ahh…An Emotionless Excursion” cowl story. It exhibits the MADS profitable the Ibell Peace Prize for growing a flower that blooms in gunpowder, the GP Flower.

I’m wondering if we’ll ever see using this GP Flower in the primary story. Imagine if Vegapunk have been to make use of his invention to smash Marine cannons within the ultimate struggle!

The triple agent Stussy

Stussy was launched into the story as one of many emperors of the Underworld — the Queen of the Pleasure District. Then it was revealed that Stussy is a double agent as she is a member of CP0. And then now, in Egghead island, it was revealed in One Piece Chapter 1072 that Stussy is definitely a triple agent as she is a clone made by the MADS group unbeknownst to the World Government.

In this chapter, Stussy bites Lucci and places him to sleep too. It is confirmed now that Stussy is the key ally Vegapunk was speaking about.

Vegapunk disappears

We get an ominous Narrator notice that Dr. Vegapunk’s foremost physique has disappeared. And despite the fact that Luffy is seen in search of each Vegapunk and Bonney, she will not be talked about within the notice.

What may have occurred? Last we noticed them, Bonney was about to the touch Kuma’s reminiscence paw bubble, and Vegapunk was simply behind her. How are the Strawhats supposed to go away this place after Luffy promised Sentamaru that he’d get Vegapunk off the island?

My guess is that as a consequence of no matter causes, Vegaunk has disappeared; he isn’t truly on the island anymore. And Luffy will be capable to sense that utilizing Observation Haki after which resolve to go away. Or perhaps one of many satellite tv for pc our bodies can inform what occurred.

Saint Jay Garcia Saturn

Finally, greater than 2 many years after their introduction, Oda has revealed the identify of one of many Five Elder Stars (Gorosei).

Kizaru is coming to Egghead with Saint Jay Garcia Saturn, one of many baddest names in One Piece. And the truth that the identify of the Gorosei is “Saturn” after we know that the Ancient Weapons are Uranus, Poseidon, and Pluton, opens so many doorways.

And the truth that a Gorosei is coming to Egghead, the place the Seraphim are, signifies that he would have the upper authority to command them. We would possibly even see Zoro conflict with S-Hawk once more.

The Weevil storyline can also be fascinating. I discussed in my principle earlier than that I believe Weevil is a failed clone that Miss Buckingham Stusst tried to make. Now that the Marines have captured him, what’s going to occur? Oda wouldn’t simply finish this plot level right here. He clearly has one thing deliberate for Weevil. Whatever it’s, I’m excited!

You can take a look at the official One Piece manga Chapter 1073 when it drops on the Viz web site.

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