One Punch Man Chapter 117 foreshadows huge showdown of Saitama vs Tatsumaki [Manga Review]

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On January 13, 2023, the newest chapter of ONE’s superhero manga One Punch Man titled The Supernatural & Risks was launched.

The chapter continues with the story’s deal with the witch sisters Fubuki and Tatsumaki and their confrontation with Tsukuyomi’s self-proclaimed chief.

OPM Chapter 117 synopsis and mysteries defined

The chapter begins with displaying an bizarre couple having fun with the perks of attending to reside on the Hero Association Headquarters as a consequence of having ties to the federal government. The couple boasts about how fortunate they’re and the way secure they’re residing within the middle of the place the heroes reside. However, they out of the blue really feel the consequences of what can solely be an enormous earthquake.

Little do they understand it’s not a pure phenomenon however Tatsumaki growing her energy as she faces off in opposition to the Tsukuyomi Leader whereas levitating Psykos in her chair on the similar time. Tatsumaki realizes that she’s a stronger psychic than the Tsukuyomi Leader and confidently begins to belittle him. Unfortunately, that’s when he reveals he has a trick up his sleeve and breaks a capsule of sleeping drugs that was within Fubuki’s physique.

When Tatsumaki watches her sister collapse she is livid. The Tsukuyomi chief warns her to not make any rash strikes or else he’ll break one other capsule that accommodates poison within her. Tatsumaki realizes that one of many members of the Fubuki Group is definitely a Tsukuyomi spy. Tatsumaki is pressured to let herself be captured together with Psykos and Fubuki.

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Tsukuyomi has ties inside the Hero Association

Before the Tsukuyomi Leader will make his go away, nevertheless, he decides to open the doorways to the B14 Level Demon Monsters containment cage to be able to use them to wipe out the complete Fubuki Group and go away sufficient carnage behind to make it appear to be the witch sisters additionally perished in the course of the monster assault. The latest male member of the Fubuki group is revealed to be the traitor, and apparently, he’s additionally an esper.

The Fubuki Group begins to panic as they watch the door that separates them from the monsters being opened. Abruptly, an explosion of monster physique components and gore explodes via the air and Saitama is in the midst of all this carnage, casually carrying his nerdy, plastic Croc footwear.

At that second, Tatsumaki lastly finds the poison-filled capsule within her sister and makes use of her telekinetic powers to twist and sculpt the tablet right into a needle. She then makes use of her powers to take away the needle from her sister’s physique and fling the poison on the Tsukuyomi Leader. He is poisoned and struggling however doesn’t die instantly. Tatsumaki shortly incapacitates the Tsukuyomi Leader and the spy.

However, Tatsumaki doesn’t cease there and turns her consideration to Fubuki and the members of the Fubuki Group. Tatsumaki scolds her sister for letting her guard down and letting herself grow to be a legal responsibility. She additionally warns Fubuki that she ought to actually minimize ties with the Fubuki Group in order that one thing like this occurs once more and her weak point is used in opposition to her. Although Tatsumaki thinks about how she will’t shield all of them she doesn’t voice this aloud. Tatsumaki’s precedence is the protection of her sister and all the pieces is secondary.

When she sees that Fubuki gained’t go away her allies of her personal accord Tatsumaki decides she has no alternative however to take issues into her personal arms. Tatsumaki decides that she is going to use her energy to injure the members of the Fubuki Group unhealthy sufficient in order that they’ll by no means work as heroes once more. Just earlier than she is about to unleash a horrible wave of telekinetic power their manner Saitama grabs her wrist and stops her.

At this level, we’ve lastly caught as much as the occasions within the webtoon that characteristic an epic conflict between Saitama and Tatsumaki. It’s fascinating to notice that within the authentic webtoon, Tatsumaki had gone to kill Psykos, however on this model, she was making an attempt to guard Psykos from Tsukuyomi. At any charge, the occasions in physique storylines lead as much as Saitama having to struggle in opposition to Tatsumaki. In the webtoon, he did it to guard Psykos whereas on this new model, he’s defending the complete Fubuki group.

Who do you suppose will win within the upcoming conflict between the world’s stronger esper and the world’s strongest hero? Let us know within the remark part beneath!

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