One Piece Episode 1049 continues the rooftop battle with superb animation

Luffy makes use of Gear4 Snakeman in One Piece Episode 1049. Pic credit score: Toei Animation

One Piece Episode 1049, titled “Luffy Soars! Revenge Against the King of the Beasts,” aired on January 29, 2022.

This episode was similar to the earlier one, because it primarily centered on the Yamato vs Kaido battle.

The first half of the episode continues from the epic last battle sequence of Episode 1048. We see the aftermath of the conflict between Yamato and Kaido’s Thunder Bagua. Not solely was Yamato in a position to injure Kaido within the head, however she additionally defended herself from his assault utilizing Mirror Mountain.

Yamato flashback

Yamato assaults Kaido together with her Hallowed Glacial Slash and smashes his face into the bottom. But it does nothing to Kaido however makes him angrier.

After Kaido yells at Yamato, saying she is on their lonesome and has no associates, we get one other Yamato flashback.

As little Yamato was operating round Onigashima hiding from the Beast Pirates within the chilly, there was one Best Pirates member who helped her with meals and a blanket. But he was caught by his crew and mercilessly executed for this.

We additionally get affirmation that the three Daimyo of Wano that have been locked in the identical cave as her are all useless.

Momonosuke flies

I assumed Momonosuke would take a whole lot of time to beat his worry of heights and fly, however I assume I used to be half unsuitable. Since Luffy and Momo don’t have a lot time, Luffy forces Momo to attempt to fly however to no avail. So Momo decides to maintain his eyes closed all the time he’s within the air, and voila, he can fly.

Luffy tries to offer Momonosuke instructions as his eyes are closed, however they find yourself crashing into the fortress. They each find yourself crashing via each ground of the fortress earlier than transferring up towards the roof the place Kaido is.

As Momonosuke lastly reaches the rooftop and Luffy spots Kaido, the animation high quality goes bonkers for the ultimate sequence. Just like the ultimate sequence of the final episode, Toei gave this sequence movie-level animation.

Yamato costs towards Kaido utilizing Divine Swiftness, and Luffy transforms into his G4 Snakeman type. They each hit Kaido utilizing White Serpent and Jet Culverin and despatched him flying.

Once once more, I can’t wait to see how Studio Toei Animation handles the ultimate struggle of Wano because the animation high quality of those clashes is so unbelievable.

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