Manga Artist – 11th Edition, 2022

Manga Artist – 11th Edition, 2022

Overview: We all know that ‘manga’ literally translates as ‘comics’, but there’s more to it in the ImagineFX universe. There’s the traditional flat comic style, and there’s the slightly more detailed, shaded and worked-up style. Then there’s the highly textured, polished and painterly styles. No matter how broad the styles that fall under the term, there’s one thing that unites all the art in this 148-page special. The majority of this volume is workshop based, and you can follow along on your own computer re-creating the amazing artwork with the help of our videos, but there are also features and interviews, sketchbooks and galleries galore, all to get you fired up to start making your own manga art. We aim to inspire you and help enhance your artistic arsenal by whatever means necessary (okay, maybe not whatever means). You can also find all the files you need to get re-creating the art in this book, grabbable from the ImagineFX blog. And ultimately that’s the purpose of this book: to help you start creating your own manga masterpieces. No matter what they look like, the most important thing is that you have a blast creating them. Good luck!


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