How to Host a Pilgrimage (Lance Replace)

Every time Paradox Interactive releases a serious growth for Crusader Kings 3, in addition they overhaul the bottom recreation with a serious replace. For the “Tours and Tournaments” growth, the accompanying replace is 1.9, or “Lance.”

Among different tweaks, the Lance replace utterly modifications how actions like feasts, hunts, and pilgrimages work. Instead of sending a ruler off for some time and getting a couple of random occasions for the trouble, gamers now need to plan their route and resolve learn how to spend their gold. This makes pilgrimages in Crusader Kings 3 extra difficult but in addition extra rewarding.


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Setting Off

Crusader Kings 3 Pilgrimage Planning

The very first thing gamers ought to do when planning a pilgrimage is examine their ruler’s faith. A brand new doctrine added within the Lance replace is “Pilgrimage Attitude.” This may be Forbidden, Encouraged, Mandatory, and Hajj. “Forbidden” makes pilgrimages actively sinful, and the pilgrimage exercise might not even seem within the new Activities menu. In trade, followers get further Piety and may battle higher in opposition to members of the identical faith.

“Encouraged” is the default view, and “Hajj” is the particular Muslim variant of “Mandatory.” In both case, followers of a “Mandatory” religion get a Piety penalty and an Opinion penalty from members of the identical religion, and these penalties are canceled out by the Pilgrim trait. On the plus aspect, pilgrimages present further religion and the Pilgrim trait will get further bonuses.

Assuming the participant ruler can go on a pilgrimage, gamers ought to examine the brand new Activities menu (it is the goblet icon on the suitable aspect of the display) and select “Pilgrimage” from the checklist. Players can then select between any of the holy websites that their religion cares about. Every holy website is a legitimate possibility, even when a hostile or evil religion controls it, although this tends to make the journey extra harmful. Also, if the holy website is out of the ruler’s realm, they will have to start out a regency earlier than setting off.

The subsequent selection is between a “Pious Pilgrimage” and a “Worldly Pilgrimage.” A pious pilgrimage will get extra occasions that enhance Piety, and by growing a particular “Piousness” stat the participant ruler will get extra Piety from journey occasions. A sophisticated pilgrimage will get extra occasions about assembly folks from different cultures, and the “Worldliness” stat will give rulers a short lived trait that lowers stress acquire and boosts their opinion on different cultures and faiths.

Next, gamers ought to select their journey route. Each pilgrimage can solely go to one holy website even when gamers create detours within the route, so concentrate on one of the best compromise between protected and quick as a substitute. On the brilliant aspect, participant rulers can now go on pilgrimages as typically as they’ll afford to as a substitute of getting to attend 15 years between every journey.

Like different actions, gamers can select a couple of different choices that will add to the pilgrimage price. The Intent checklist is shorter than for different occasions, and gamers can solely select between Reflection, Altruism, and Zealotry. Reflection is the same old stress-lowering possibility, Altruism can add Opinion and Prestige, and Zealotry has extra alternatives to lift Piety.

The Fidelity possibility can enhance journey pace however decrease Piety acquire, or it may possibly do the reverse, however the participant ruler should qualify for the non-default selections. Contemplative is slower however extra pious, however the ruler will need to have the Patient trait or already be a Pilgrim. Obligatory is quicker however much less pious, however the ruler have to be Impatient or belong to a religion with Mandatory pilgrimages.

The Pomp possibility determines how many individuals include the participant ruler. The default possibility is Appropriate, which features a few bodyguards, a buddy, and some random pilgrims. Humble is cheaper and provides extra Piety, however it means touring alone within the firm of seven random pilgrims. Ceremonial is dearer and provides extra Piety, and it consists of further courtiers and as much as 10 random pilgrims. Throng is rather more costly and rather more Pious, and it principally includes taking the entire court docket and 20 random pilgrims to the holy website.

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Enjoying the Destination

Crusader Kings 3 Pilgrimage Jerusalem

Once the participant ruler reaches their vacation spot, they will spend a number of months touring the holy website. Every 7 days a random occasion can hearth, and this could embody background occasions that add Piety, add Prestige, enhance relationships, or add Glory to acclaimed knights with out demanding the participant’s consideration. However, lots of the occasions will name gamers again to the pilgrimage display to decide.

Decisions made through the holy website tour may impression the pilgrimage’s closing piousness or worldliness stage. However, as soon as the ruler says goodbye to the location, this stat will not change.

Pilgrimages are nonetheless a great way to get a number of Piety in a brief period of time. In truth, they’re even higher now since gamers can select a pious pilgrimage and concentrate on occasions that enhance piousness and Piety to recover from 1000 Piety in a single occasion. And since pilgrimages not have a cooldown interval, a ruler who lives close to a holy website can get all of the Piety they want very quickly in any respect.

Crusader Kings 3 is accessible now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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