Chainsaw Man manga quantity 13 launch date and promo video

Fan artwork of Chainsaw Man (Denji), the brand new Control Devil, Nayuta, Yoru, and trainer Tanaka as Yoru’s weapon. Pic credit score: Greenless417/

On December 9, 2022, Chainsaw Man editor Shihei Lin introduced on his official Twitter account that the Chainsaw Man Volume 13 launch date was on January 4, 2023.

He additionally shared a promotional video for the upcoming launch.



— 林士平(りんしへい) (@SHIHEILIN) December 9, 2022

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What is the plot in Chainsaw Man Volume 12?

Chainsaw Man Volume 12 focuses on the character Asa Mitaka, a loner highschool pupil who’s attending Fourth East High School. After the Typhoon Devil killed her mom she began having hassle becoming in amongst her friends. One day, she unintentionally kills her class’s pet satan Bucky and is confronted by a pupil, who made a contract with the Justice Devil.

The possessed pupil nearly manages to kill Asa, however the War Devil, who provides to save lots of Asa’s life in trade for killing Chainsaw Man, saves her. In this way, Asa turns into a residing Fiend host and makes a contract with the War Devil. Using the War Devil’s energy Asa is ready to kill the scholar inhabited by the Justice Devil.

Afterward, Asa needs she will be able to discover a method to get the War Devil to go away her physique whereas the War Devil is targeted on discovering Chainsaw Man and killing him as a way to “free” the Nuclear Weapons Devil that was consumed by Pochita and basically erased from existence.

Asa decides to affix the college’s Devil Hunter Club because of a rumor that Chainsaw Man is a member. There she encounters an outgoing pupil named Yuko, who decides to befriend Asa since they’re each loners.

Meanwhile, Denji is lastly attending to dwell his life as a “regular” highschool pupil, who can be attending Fourth East High School. Denji needs to disclose his id as Chainsaw Man so he can get a girlfriend, however sadly, Yoshida is protecting tabs on him. When Yoshida realizes that Denji is determined for a girlfriend he decides to try to set Denji up with Asa Mitaka, who in his opinion appears determined for a boyfriend.

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What will the plot of CSM Volume 13 entail?

Chainsaw Man Volume 13 will proceed specializing in the “relationship” between Asa and Denji. Asa is looking out desperately for Chainsaw Man, however even when Denji actually reveals that he’s Chainsaw Man Asa is unable to imagine him because of his “ordinariness”.

Later, Asa discovers that her pal Yuko determined to type a contract with the Justice Devil as a way to get revenge on all the scholars who bullied Asa. Asa is compelled to battle in opposition to Yuko when she tries to cease her from killing their fellow college students. When Asa unintentionally “kills” Yuko a mysterious woman seems who claims to have the ability to resurrect Yuko. This woman, who could also be one of many Four Horsemen, resurrects Yuko, however she turns right into a rampaging satan. Denji tries to assist by attacking Yuko, however she escapes.

Later, a mysterious second Chainsaw Man kills Yuko, however who is that this individual actually? Is Denji being thoughts managed? Is there a brand new shape-shifting satan out on the unfastened? Is the brand new woman who calls herself “Yoru’s sister” one of many Four Horsemen? You’ll have to attend till Chainsaw Man Volume 13 as a way to discover out!

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