Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 picture, that includes Asa along with her aquarium weapon going through off in opposition to Eternity Devil. Pic credit score: Viz Media

On January 10, 2023, the newest chapter of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man was launched. Chapter 117 is titled “Penguin and Weapon”, and at last unveiled the weapon that Asa was capable of create after making an attempt to purchase the aquarium.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 begins with Denji discovering a misplaced penguin and being extraordinarily glad about it.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 images, featuring Denji finding a penguin and holding one. Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 pictures, that includes Denji discovering a penguin and holding one. Pic credit score: Viz Media

The sight of Denji holding a penguin is unusually healthful amidst all of the chaos that’s about to unfold. Asa discovers that though she tried to purchase the aquarium for 1 million yen she wasn’t capable of purchase your complete factor. She was solely capable of remodel “half” of the aquarium right into a two-pronged, trident-like weapon.

The Eternity Devil’s newest incarnation in its new kind is revealed, and it’s sufficiently horrifying. Fujimoto all the time does an awesome job of bringing “physique horror” into the combo to make the manga’s scenes additional scary and disturbing.

Asa will get discouraged by not having the ability to purchase your complete aquarium, and the Eternity Devil takes benefit of her second of distraction to assault. Luckily, Hirofumi Yoshida, who has a contract with the Octopus Devil, steps in and manages to save lots of her. Yoru rapidly takes over Asa’s physique and begins to have interaction the Eternity Devil in battle.

Asa’s guilt over the aquarium creates a strong weapon

Yoru is aware of that the weapon that was created is definitely fairly highly effective because of the guilt that Asa feels for having destroyed the aquarium. Yoru launches the spear on the Eternity Devil and it pierces the satan’s torso earlier than exploding into hundreds of fish, which magnifies the ability of the assault.

Meanwhile, Denji declares he desires to maintain the penguin as a pet. Poor Denji. This whole time he actually did simply wish to see the penguin exhibit. Fami realizes her plan to power Asa to show Denji right into a weapon has failed.

Yoshida and Fami share a glance. This is fascinating to notice as a result of it nearly seems as if Yoshida is conscious of Fami’s existence and true id. It was a glance of recognition. But why would Yoshida know Fami (Famine)? Is his satan actually the Octopus Devil or is it the Leviathan Devil? Leviathan was a legendary sea serpent/monster that makes a number of appearances within the Hebrew Bible. If he’s made a contract with the Leviathan Devil it will make sense that he’s conscious of the Four Horsemen.

Yoru decides to capitalize on Asa’s emotions for Denji

After the Eternity Devil’s defeat, Denji decides to stroll Asa house, and once they attain her home he brings up his promised request. Asa agrees that Denji will get one request and asks him what it’s. Loads of followers anticipated Denji to ask her for one thing perverted or boob-related, however Denji has shocked many Chainsaw Man readers by merely asking for an additional date! That’s some character development proper there. Denji guarantees to show Asa the way to have the “greatest dates ever”, and Asa surprisingly agrees to go on one other date with him.

It’s at this second that Yoru realizes Asa has developed emotions for Denji and calls the sensation “love”. This assumption causes Asa to blush. Yoru continues to muse about the way it’s fascinating she feels the identical feeling, however that it has to do with the very fact they’re sharing the identical mind. Yoru then declares that they will put their plan into movement and locations her hand on Denji’s head earlier than making an attempt to show him right into a spinal twine sword!

This is certainly one of many worst Chainsaw Man manga cliffhangers to this point. Will Yoru be capable of flip Denji right into a sword? Will Denji flip right into a chainsaw? Or will he maybe flip into an odd sword-chainsaw hybrid weapon?

I imagine it’s unlikely Denji will flip right into a weapon in any respect because of the reality he’s not precisely human. Pochita gave up his coronary heart to save lots of Denji’s life and he’s mainly turn out to be immortal. Yoru’s energy may trigger Denji to show into Chainsaw Man as a result of Denji is already a “residing weapon”, nevertheless.

What do you assume will occur to Denji in Chainsaw Man Chapter 118? Will Yoru achieve reworking Denji right into a weapon or will Denji’s true id lastly be revealed? Let us know within the remark part under!

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