Sanji and Zoro assault Queen and King in One Piece Episode 1046. Pic credit score: Toei Animation

The first One Piece episode of 2023 — One Piece Episode 1046, titled “Taking a Chance! The Two Arms Go Into Battle!,” aired on January 8, 2022.

We lastly have a brand new One Piece episode after ready for 3 weeks and what a tremendous episode it’s.

Zoro’s entry as he rips his bandages and flies towards Queen’s assault, slicing it in half, was actually epic. Sanji joins him and collectively they assault King and Queen with “Three-Sword Style: Purgatory Onigiri!” and “Diable: Mutton Mallet.” The animation high quality of this scene was particularly top-tier.

Zoro and Sanji’s dialog about getting a glimpse of Luffy turning into the Pirate King is an apparent signal that Oda is moving into the endgame now.

Though I’ve to say I don’t like this magical Zou drugs stuff. Let’s see what sort of after-effects Zoro must face for utilizing it.

The land of Gods

After combating King, Marco implies that King’s race used to reside on prime of the Red Line. We see a flashback the place Whitebeard says that way back earlier than there was Marijoa, there was the land of Gods.

Later within the episode, Queen mentions the Lunarians in reference to King.

Does this imply that King belongs to the Lunarian race, who have been believed to be gods?

It has been 25 years and Oda nonetheless offers us extra questions than solutions. What have been the Lunarians? Why have been they referred to as gods? What occurred to this race? Did the Celestial Dragons wipe them out to turn into the brand new gods?

Germa powers

It looks as if Sanji is about to awaken his Germa powers. He says within the episode that after placing on his raid go well with for the third time, his physique feels a bit unusual. Maybe sporting the Germa raid go well with did one thing to convey forth his dormant Germa powers.

His capacity to provide hearth additionally looks as if a Germa product so possibly not we’ll see Sanji awaken completely different powers like his brothers. We know his brothers have exoskeletons and powers like electrical energy and vitality beams.

At the tip of the episode, we see a cloud of mud, and it seems like Momonosuke has remodeled into an grownup Dragon. I’m excited to see what he seems like now.

While the animation high quality of the episodes has been good, I really feel the tempo of the episodes simply isn’t it. In this episode, the anime tailored solely three pages of the corresponding manga chapter until half-time.

You can watch the newest One Piece episodes each week on Crunchyroll.

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