Will we get Luffy vs Lucci 2.0? Pic credit score: Toei Animation

One Piece manga Chapter 1068, titled “A Genius’ Dream”, is unofficially out. For those that wish to watch for the official translation, the chapter will drop on Sunday as traditional.

Chapter 1068 continues the “Germa 66’s Ahh…An Emotionless Excursion” cowl story. It exhibits Ceaser and Judge preventing, occupied with their time collectively at MADS.

The cowl story was the least attention-grabbing a part of this chapter as a result of this chapter, from the primary web page to the final, was a ten/10. Let’s get to all the things attention-grabbing that occurs on this chapter one after the other.

Since Dr Vegapunk denies entry to CP0, they use Seraphim Kuma’s satan fruit potential to fly to Egghead Island. So probably, Seraphim Kuma has the identical potential as the unique Kuma — The Nikyu Nikyu no Mi or The Paw Paw Fruit.

Where is Kuma going?

We noticed Kuma panic within the final chapter. He was working off to someplace though he was in the midst of his remedy. In this chapter, we noticed him utilizing his satan fruit powers on himself. The query is, the place did he “repel” himself to?

The probably reply is that Kuma is headed to Egghead Island. He noticed CP0 arrive both by means of his Seraphim model or by means of Vegapunk (Punk Records). Whatever is perhaps the case, it appears to be like like we’re up for an emotional father-daughter reunion and a traditional Oda backstory.

Vegapunk’s dream

The motive this chapter is titled “A Genius’ Dream” is as a result of Vegapunk reveals his dream to Luffy. Vegapunk needs to construct a world the place there’s a limiteless and free provide of vitality. He believes that this is able to make the world far more peaceable, a world with out wars.

We know that Vegapunk and Monkey D. Dragon are working in direction of an analogous purpose. It has additionally been acknowledged that Dragon hates wars, and now we all know that Vegapunk needs to create a world with out wars. But it appears desirous to create the vitality he seeks has gotten him very near the Void Century. And now the World Government needs him lifeless.

So he asks Luffy to take him to the ocean, and Luffy says sure in Luffy vogue.

Vegapunk disappears

Vegapunk vanishes after speaking to Luffy, and my first thought was Absolom’s Suke Suke no Mi. But then, occupied with it, it’s in all probability the identical tech that Sanji makes use of. Even the quilt story has Judge in it.

CP0 vs Vegapunk

As CP0 invades the island, Shaka orders Seraphims Boa, Jimbei, and Mihawk to be readied for battle. He places Sentomaru in control of these Seraphims. But why would Sentomaru battle in opposition to CP0? Even although he’s Vegapunk’s bodyguard, will he go in opposition to the Celestial Dragons?

Well, solely time will inform, however Vegapunk appears to suppose so.

Luffy vs Lucci 2.0

Vegapunk-Atlas exhibits as much as battle CP0, however she will get carried out in by Lucci’s Rokuogan. Then we see Luffy coming throughout Lucci. The End.

While the Ennies Lobby Luffy vs Lucci is my favourite One Piece battle, there is no such thing as a means that we’ll see one thing like that once more right here. Luffy is now a Yonko. It doesn’t matter how robust Lucci has turn into over time. He isn’t any match for a Yonko.

The undeniable fact that Lucci damage Atlas, who fed Luffy, tells me that Luffy is probably going to get offended. And I’m hyped to see what this encounter results in.

Another factor to notice is that the primary time Zoro meets Kaku in Water 7, he was on the ship guarding it. And as soon as once more, Zoro is on the Sunny. I’m fairly certain we’ll see Kaku and Zoro work together once more. Let’s see what occurs then.

You can take a look at the official One Piece manga Chapter 1068 when it drops on the Viz web site.

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