Can Mana and Yuta discover happiness regardless of being immortal? Pic credit score: Rumiko Takahashi

Mermaids maintain a particular place in lots of hearts. However, most Western followers are launched to them via The Little Mermaid.

But like all magical creature, they are often horrific! My first publicity to Rumiko Takahashi’s Mermaid Saga got here from the OVA model of Mermaid’s Forest with Japanese subtitles on VHS.

This may need been my first time seeing something from Rumiko Takahashi, and I beloved it! This assessment focuses primarily on the manga, however you may’t go unsuitable with the OVAs or all the animated sequence.

Just be warned, you may not be capable of benefit from the Disney model of The Little Mermaid after this!

Mermaid's Forest Towa didn’t ask for her destiny, however she’s not going to just accept it both! Pic credit score: Pastel

What is Mermaid Saga?

Mermaid Saga is a set of 9 tales over 16 chapters involving Yuta and Mana. Viz Media launched the manga in two collector editions, two OVAs, and an anime adaptation by Central Park Media and TMS Entertainment, respectively.

Legend says that when you eat mermaid flesh, you’ll dwell endlessly. But there’s extra to it than that. If you’re fortunate, you’ll die.

If not, you’ll both flip right into a monster, known as a Lost One or Deformed One, otherwise you’ll have your life prolonged with out understanding when it’ll finish. Yuta has been alive for 500 years, and he’s on the lookout for a solution to flip again into a traditional human.

Mana was raised in a mermaid village so they might eat her and retain their youth. The two will encounter mermaids, different immortals, Lost Ones, and different unlucky victims.

Taken individually by the story, every story has a stable basis. You study the horrors of mermaid flesh and witness the aftermath of people/immortals keen to threat the whole lot to attain their targets.

But for many who prefer to binge, particular questions maintain popping up. For instance, how a lot flesh do it’s a must to eat to achieve immortality?

Yuta solely ate a chunk earlier than watching his companions both rework or die. But different characters ate a chunk, and so they obtained totally different reactions.

Are mermaids going extinct? Most of the mermaids we see exterior Mana’s backstory are useless or quickly killed.

We by no means see a merman, so why do the mermaids attempt to kill Yuta? Immortality doesn’t imply you may’t be killed, so producing offspring ought to have been an element sooner or later.

The excellent deal with for a horror fan

What’s the worst factor that may occur if you eat mermaid flesh? What when you don’t eat the meat however drink some mermaid blood?

Or be uncovered to mermaid ashes? All of those and extra are explored in Mermaid Saga. We even encounter somebody older than Yuta!

But I want there was extra! We by no means see Yuta obtain his purpose, and there’s the strongly hinted romantic curiosity between him and Mana.

Mermaid Saga can simply be expanded upon, and I might like to see Yuta and Mana once more. I’d suggest Mermaid Saga to anybody who likes Inuyasha.

The ocean is deep, and there’s extra to find! Just watch out if somebody asks you to eat one thing and received’t let you know what it’s!

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