The Tokyo Revengers manga’s ending is releasing soon on November 16, 2022.

On October 14, 2022, multiple manga news leakers all claimed that the Tokyo Revengers manga’s ending was coming out in 5 chapters. Since no breaks or hiatus are reportedly planned, that means Tokyo Revengers 278 will be the final chapter in Weekly Shonen Magazine Issue 51, 2022.

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 278 release date will be on November 16, 2022. Since each volume contains 9 chapters, the ending of the story in Tokyo Revengers 278 is contained in Tokyo Revengers Volume 31.

The Tokyo Revengers Volume 31 release date is on January 17, 2023. In addition, 7 related books will be also available for sale.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 274 contained the climax of the entire story and a color page, too. The Tokyo Revengers climax chapter was released in Weekly Shonen Magazine Issue 47, 2022 on October 19, 2022.

On that day, the series had an important announcement. Since the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 release date in 2023 has already been confirmed, the series officially announced Tokyo Revengers’ final chapter rather than providing more details about the anime’s second season.

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